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"One Earth"

-Bahrain Game Jam submission, 2019, based on the theme "One for all, all for one".

"There's only one Earth and there's no spare"- Wubbo Ockels

Our game is about the power of each and every human to make a difference. The game does this by allowing gamers to explore 5 different parts of the world, and find the differences in these places from then to now. Players can see images side to side and see how the earth has changed over the last century, by clicking/ tapping on the differences that they see.

From the great barrier reef to national parks, explore and learn about the one Earth that we all share.

This is not hopeless, but in fact shows us that we have the power to change. 

So let's use this change for good.


We believe that our game fulfills the theme in 3 ways.

  1. The main concept of ONE EARTH for all
  2. The message of the power of humans to come together as one for all.
  3. The gameplay itself uses only one button. The left mouse click (or finger on the iPad). Truly fulfilling the meaning of "One for all."

Game Installation Instructions:

  • Download zip folder
  • Extract to  your chosen place
  • Open folder "Win32exe" , look for .exe or application type file with the name, "One Earth" and double click.
  • The game is now ready to play! Maximize and play!

Game Details

  • Game Genre: 2D puzzle (Find differences between two images)
  • Engine: Buildbox 3
  • Levels: 5

Art Assets:

  • Art & UI- All hand-drawn
  • 3d Globe- purchased from cgtrader.com


  • Shady Dave- Expressions of the Mind (Freesound.org)
  • Alan Spiljak- Flash piano ambient (Freesound.org)
  • Other sounds- (Freesound.org & opengameart.org)


OneEarthTSS_BahrainGameJam.zip 28 MB

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